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A &P Licensed Avionics Mechanic

Responsible for Gogo Wi-Fi 2KU upgrade on Boeing 737 aircraft. Strict adherence to instructions provided in appropriate technical documentation required. This opportunity is scheduled to start in early July. 




Avionics Maintenance 


Lead, Avionics Mechanic

Essential Responsibilities

  • Remove and replace various aircraft components and electrical systems with the use of special tooling and ground support equipment. Following oral and written instructions such as supervisor’s directives and manuals to complete all routine and non-routine assignments in a timely manner.

  • Operationally check, test, rig and adjust aircraft avionics systems to ensure functionality to manufacturer’s specifications.  

  • Support training activities within the crew including assisting and providing on the job training to lower skilled mechanics.

  • Maintain and store various tools in a serviceable condition.

  •  Adhere to safe maintenance practices and keep a clean work area.

  • Maintain and supply personal records of work performed on OJT forms for the Training Department. 

  • Successfully complete any courses deemed necessary by the Training Department.

  • Perform any work that may be assigned by his or her supervisor.

Job Specifications

Proficient working knowledge of the following skills:  Proper use of safety equipment, proper use of hand tools, proper use of parts tags, proper use of crimping tools, extraction and insertion tools, heat-shrinkable tubing, wire marking machine, general knowledge of all aircraft manuals and related materials, general knowledge of ATA codes, wiring schematics, analysis charts and maintenance procedures, knowledge and proper use of I.P.C., knowledge and proper use of wiring practices manual chapter 20, knowledge of proper bonding and grounding procedures, knowledge of aircraft stations and component locations, knowledge of proper procedures for lacing and typing wire bundles, knowledge of identification of wires, wire bundles and harnesses, knowledge and proper use of multi-meter, knowledge of proper crimping procedures for all type contacts, perform continuity test with multi-meter, operation of reader printer, general knowledge of all applicable F.A.R.’s and company policies and procedures, general knowledge of all paperwork procedures including job cards/ time cards, routine/ non-routine cards, Airworthiness Directives, Service Bulletins, and work sign-off/ sell-off procedures.

Working Environment

Supervision: Under general direction. Normally performs the duty assignment after receiving general instructions as to methods, procedures, and desired end results. There will be some opportunities for discretion when making selections among a few easily identifiable choices. Assignment is usually reviewed upon completion.

Physical Environment: Requires easy mobility around various sections of aircraft and the dexterity to remove, rectify and replace systems or components in a timely manner. Requires mental skills and quickness with the ability to cope with stress and intense effort or exertion usually caused by long working hours. Must have the capacity to gain knowledge by hearing for one’s own safety due to the dangers involved. Must possess the ability to distinguish colors to perform work adequately. Working environment requires standing 90% of the workday on hard surfaces. Must be able to lift 50lbs. and report to work regularly.

Interpersonal Relation: A moderate level of interpersonal skills is required to maintain an effective relationship with co-workers and supervision.

Ownership Of Tool: Must possess a tool box containing the minimum tools required for Avionics mechanics.



  • License: Current A&P License required

  • Education: High School Diploma or GED required.

  • Experience: Minimum of 5 years’ experience in heavy commercial maintenance of avionics related work.

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